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East-West Seed Foundation and San Miguel Foundation Urban Gardening Program

The East-West Seed Foundation teams up with San Miguel Foundation to conduct the VeggiEskwela Urban Gardening Training program, which intends to promote sustainable urban farming and empower the community. This Training program kicked off with a four-day training session held on April 11, 12, 15, and 16, 2024 at the Better World Smokey Mountain Center in Tondo, Manila. The training had 24  beneficiaries, composed of  community women members and security guards of  Better World Smokey Mountain.

Throughout the four-day training program, participants were engaged in hands-on activities covering various aspects of urban gardening, including soil preparation, seed sowing, planting techniques for leafy and fruiting vegetables, organic fertilizer concoction making, pest management, and harvesting practices. By adopting theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations, the program enabled participants to confidently cultivate and sustain their own vegetable gardens, even in limited space. Moreover, by growing their own food, participants acquired a greater appreciation for the benefit of healthy eating and become advocates for increased vegetable consumption. 

In an effort to promote sustainable urban gardening methods, the East-West Seed Company recently donated blue drums for container gardening activities. This gesture not only demonstrates the company's dedication to improving food security and environmental sustainability, but it also acts as an encouragement for empowering communities to produce their own nutritious vegetables in urban areas. 

The Training program's success represents the value of collaboration and grassroots efforts in solving serious environmental and social issues. By putting together the expertise and resources of both Non-Profit Organizations, this partnership created the framework for significant transformation, one garden at a time.

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