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The East-West Seed Foundation Launches Gulayamanan Project in Bantayan, Cebu

In a significant move towards bolstering food security and sustainable agriculture, the East-West Seed Foundation officially launched the Gulayamanan project on June 27, 2024 in Bantayan, Cebu. The inauguration of this project was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with Municipal Mayor, Hon. Arthur E. Despi and EWSF Executive Director Ma. Elena van Tooren.

The Gulayamanan project is a community-driven initiative aimed at enhancing food security through the establishment and maintenance of cluster vegetable gardens. These gardens are designed to increase access to and consumption of nutritious vegetables while also providing additional income opportunities for local residents.

The project will engage a total of 50 participants, with 25 individuals from Brgy. Mojon and another 25 from Brgy. Kampingganon. These participants will receive training and support to cultivate their own vegetable gardens, ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce for their families and communities.

In conjunction with the project launch, the municipality also celebrated Farmers' Day on the same day. This event highlighted the vital role of farmers in the community and provided a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among local agricultural stakeholders.

The East-West Seed Foundation, renowned for its commitment to agricultural development and community empowerment, is optimistic about the positive impact of the Gulayamanan project. By leveraging the power of community collaboration and sustainable farming practices, the project aims to create a lasting legacy of food security and economic resilience on Bantayan Island.

As the Gulayamanan project takes root, the East-West Seed Foundation and the local government of Bantayan Island are looking forward to witnessing the transformative effects of this initiative, paving the way for a more food-secure and prosperous future for all.

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