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VP and DepEd Sec. Sara Duterte Thanks DepEd Allies, Including East-West Seed Foundation

EWSF Representatives, Ms. Ma. Elena van Tooren and Ms. Ruby P. Mandac, with VP and DepEd Sec. Sara Z. Duterte

With genuine appreciation, Vice President of the Philippines and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte expressed their gratitude towards the partners of the Department of Education (DepEd) during the recently concluded Partners’ Appreciation and Recognition event held at the GSIS Financial Center in Pasay City on February 20, 2024. Among the distinguished partners recognized was East-West Seed Foundation.

Addressing the gathered attendees, including representatives from various sectors, Vice President Duterte conveyed heartfelt appreciation, stating, “To our partners, thank you for your unending support that complements our goals and aspirations for Philippine basic education. May you continue investing in the dreams of Filipino children, as they will soon be part of our workforce that will contribute to the development of our nation.”

The event brought together 173 DepEd partners who have played integral roles in advancing the country’s educational initiatives in line with the MATATAG Agenda. These partners represent a diverse array of entities, including foreign embassies, research organizations, non-governmental organizations, local government units, and private sectors.

Throughout the years, these collaborative efforts have significantly contributed to the enhancement of programs within the Philippine basic education system. The synergy between DepEd and its partners has paved the way for innovative approaches, resource mobilization, and the implementation of impactful initiatives aimed at uplifting the quality of education across the nation.

Among the esteemed partners recognized during the event was the East-West Seed Foundation, exemplifying the spirit of cooperation and commitment toward educational advancement. The Executive Director of EWSF, Ms. Ma. Elena Primicias van Tooren, together with Ms. Ruby P. Mandac, accepted the award from Vice President and DepEd Secretary Sara Z. Duterte.

The acknowledgement bestowed upon these partners underscores the importance of collective action and collaboration in addressing the multifaceted challenges within the educational landscape. It highlights the shared responsibility of both public and private entities in nurturing the potential of Filipino learners and preparing them for the demands of an ever-evolving global landscape.

As the Philippines continues its journey towards educational excellence and inclusive growth, the enduring partnership between DepEd and its stakeholders remains instrumental in realizing the nation’s vision of a vibrant and empowered society where every Filipino has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

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