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The Association of Foundation Welcomes EWSF as a New Member

In a momentous step towards fostering growth, collaboration, and collective impact, the Association of Foundation proudly announces the addition of the East-West Seed Foundation as one of its esteemed new members. Today, on December 19, 2023, marked a significant milestone as an orientation session unfolded, symbolizing the initiation of a promising partnership that holds the potential for positive change.

Led by the visionary AF Executive Director, Oman Jiao, the orientation gathered key figures, including EWSF President Mary Ann P. Sayoc, EWSF Executive Director Ma. Elena Primicias van Tooren, and the entire EWSF Team. The convergence of such influential individuals sets the stage for dynamic collaborations and transformative projects that aim to make a lasting impact on society.

The atmosphere during the orientation was charged with anticipation as discussions unfolded, emphasizing the shared values and goals that bind the two foundations. This meeting not only marked the inception of a partnership but also served as a platform for the exchange of ideas, innovative strategies, and a shared commitment to addressing societal challenges.

As the Association of Foundation and East-West Seed Foundation embark on this journey together, there is a collective excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead. The orientation session was not merely a formality; it was the commencement of a collaborative effort that seeks to combine the strengths and expertise of both organizations for the greater good.

Together, these foundations envision a future of shared achievements and growth. The promise of impactful collaborations and projects underscores their commitment to making a positive difference in the communities they serve. The shared enthusiasm for this partnership resonates to embrace not only a new member but the potential for transformative change that comes from working together.

In the spirit of unity and progress, the Association of Foundation and East-West Seed Foundation look forward to the shared journey ahead, bound by a common purpose and a commitment to fostering positive change. Here's to a future marked by collaboration, achievement, and a collective impact that transcends boundaries!

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